Software Libraries

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The BridgeLay library controls both bridge placement and crossing, as well as the deployment of the ramp that is used for detachment of Vader Bot from Trooper Bot. It uses an edge-aligning algorithm to correctly position itself before bridge laying and ramp deployment.


The claw library uses an elegant retrieval sequence that detects and grabs Ewoks before placing them into the robot’s basket. It allows for simple control of the claw orientation for detecting and retrieving Ewoks at different heights. 


The PID (Proportional – Integral – Derivative) library was the primary control of the movement for both Vader and Trooper Bot. This library allowed Trooper Bot to navigate by following black electrical tape and allowed Vader Bot to cross a narrow suspension bridge by following the edge of the bridge.

By giving the PID movement dynamically tunable speeds and gains, we were able to control the robots’ movement with great precision.

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