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Order 66 is a fully autonomous, multi-robot system built for the 2018 Engineering Physics robot competition

The Competition

The 2018 ENPH 253 competition was designed to be the most complicated and challenging robot competition over the 18-years that the course has been run.

The robots needed to rescue four Ewoks and Chewbacca, which required overcoming obstacles including a ramp with a 6” vertical gain, a 6”  horizontal gap, a gate patrolled by rotating Stormtroopers, a 6” gap with a 2” gain in height, and a suspension bridge between two towers.


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The Team

Michael Ko
Michael KoMechanical
Braeden Jury
Braeden JuryMechanical & Software
Tyler Lum
Tyler LumSoftware
Donney Fan
Donney FanElectrical