Electrifying Our Robot to Think

T he electrical systems of Order 66 were built from scratch. With individual components, some circuit boards, and a lot of solder, we were able to breathe life into our robot.

Our team had many design considerations such as:

  • Power budgeting
  • Current requirements & wire guages
  • Electrical noise
  • Circuit placement
  • Cable management
  • Short-circuit prevention/mitigation

and much more.

Core Electrical Components

Motor Control
Motor ControlH-Bridge Circuits
Alarm Bypass
Alarm BypassIR processing circuit
Power Distribution
Power DistributionRegulation & Cable Management

A New Brain

One of the innovations the Engineering Physics Project Lab brought to ENPH 253 is to upgrade their old TINAH boards to use a newer and faster microprocessor dubbed the “Blue Pill”. Having only rudimentary experience with Arduino Unos, our ambitious team set out to use this new board.